We take care of our customers and suppliers

We collaborate with our suppliers with transparency, sharing sales strategies and adopting a sustainable price policy, safeguarding the value and image of the products.

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Our Strengths

Prime Delivery

We deliver orders within 24/48 hours of its placement.


Our customer support is always ready to respond to every need of the end customer, ensuring a rewarding shopping experience.


We set purchase and sale prices as one of the bests in the market, in compliance with the price margins agreed with our suppliers.


We stock the goods at Amazon warehouses in most European countries, facilitating deliveries for suppliers and customers throughout Europe.


We promote a sustainable pricing policy, respecting the sales prices set by suppliers.


Establishing a relationship of trust with our suppliers is important, which is why we take care of direct ordering of the concerned products, arranging for the advance payment of the goods.

Who are we?

We are a multi-channel retailer, we operate in the European market by reselling selected products, on the international marketplaces of Amazon and eBay.
Through a team of our qualified researchers, we research brands and products with growth potential, advance them in the market with care, using specific specific tools for optimizing product ads.

Our Tools

Selley uses the most sought-after tools on the market to ensure excellent end customer profiling in order to optimize sales.

SEO optimization

We place product ads at the top of search engine results, increasing their visibility and strengthening brand reputation.

Ad HOC advertisement campaigns

We invest in web-advertising, through PPC (pay-per-click) sponsorship campaigns, offering product ads greater relevance, facilitating the acquisition of new customers.

Verified customer reviews

Customer satisfaction is among our top priorities, which is why we offer support with dedicated customer service. Positive reviews increase trust in our store and our customers.La soddisfazione del cliente è tra le nostre priorità, per questo offriamo supporto con un servizio clienti dedicato. Le recensioni positive fanno aumentare la fiducia nel nostro store e nei nostri clienti.

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